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This was cool but you should have said "N***a" instead of "N****r." Black people and anyone else using the "N" word in music for the sake of the flow never say, "n****r." What makes me such an expert? Well, I have 46 year of experience being a n***a - nowgga :)

I Laughed, I Cried! It Was Better than Cats! I'm going to see it again and again!

I liked it. I didn't like the music but I liked the color styling and the animation. It had an, "Aeon Flux" vibe to it with the exaggerated perspective and cuts. I want to see better lighting and mood so that my head explodes from the awesomeness - make it happen!

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It was fun. It had a good theme. I just wanted to go somewhere. What I mean by that is I wanted to feel like a was experiencing a story told through music. That is how I use music so that is what's behind my review.

You know how you can listen to a really good soundtrack and the composer with insert the main theme throughout the entire soundtrack? It's like adding a wash to a painting to unify the piece.

Your's had the wash no doubt but I'm saying that I wanted to know more about the world that you created and I was waiting to find out more and was teased. That can be a good thing sometimes but in this context - I have not listen to anything else so I may be biased- you have an opportunity to take us on a fantastic journey. (INSERT CORNY REMARK) Let's go on that journey.

ForeverBound responds:

I think I know what u meant to say here and u are right but this was more based on mainstream EDM and that is just full of repetition


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Very beautiful work. I only wish that you had a ton more color and value changes in it because it's very impressionistic.

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No, you still have work to do like:

Demon Pimp
Demon Barista
Demon Mall Cop
Demon Meteorologist
Demon Taxi Driver
Demon Bike Messenger
Demon Tatoo Artist

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ArtDeepMind responds:

:D I think that demon tattoo artist would make a great illustration

Io has active sulfur dioxide volcanos because it's trapped between the tidal forces or Jupiter and Europa. It's not caused by tectonic movement. Your Lavesta concept doesn't seem the same. Also because of the tidal heating that Io experiences the thing is constantly changing shape like it's being pulled like taffy.

I think you should get rid of the lava stuff and go full on into the effects of tidal forces on a moon and anything that would be able to live in such a place. That's much more interesting than some lava rock creatures. Do something new! That's your responsibility as an artist.

BJplay55544 responds:

Mate, it was inspired by Io, it's not IO THE MOON. When I said inspired I was talking about how the landscape was very volcanic and something no one could live on unless you were some kind of alien. Also who the hell ever said our responsibility as an artist is to do something new? This isn't a job, it's a hobby, get over yourself.

Dad - Artist - Scientist - Programmer by day Dad - Artist - Scientist - Programmer by night.

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