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Here's an excerpt from a reply that I made concerning my work.  At the time I felt it incumbent of me to break it down.  The following is part of what makes me tick.  I feel it very important to know the artists' mission before providing a meaningful and fair critique of their work.  That mission can change from piece to piece but in my case, my mission is always the same.  

"For me, concept is more important than technique. Hell, I have all the techniques down. Once you get passed that it's about applying your skills to make something new. There are a ton of really good concept artists on this board and on a few notable others, that kick serious ass but most of them are not doing it for a living. That blows excessive amounts of goat.

I don't think it's hard to find good artists. I feel it's hard to find artists that stand out from the flock.

My early college art teachers were fine artists. The rest of them - comprised of biologists, astronomers, engineers, programmers, writers, actors, illustrators, animators, sculptors, industrial designers, psychologists, astrophysicists, musicians, philosophers, architects, video editors, network engineers and the list goes on.

What I know about life. This very finite existence humanity has been blessed with, is that no matter what you do, always do it from the heart. If your integrity is based on monetary gain then you are weak. Why, because monetary systems are transitory. Your strength is tied to too many moving parts. That makes you weak because you have no center.

Nothing wrong with money. If your goal is to make a s#%*¥! ton of money and you succeed then you are a success. Some put me in that category. But, check this out. It was never about the money. It was always about the art.
If you want to be an artist, BE AN ARTIST. Be warned, art is powered by love and passion. If you are lacking in any those qualities you will fail. Anyone can learn technique. Some people are naturals at certain styles and techniques. But being an artist is perpetual. You were born that way. It's as natural as blinking. Once you tap into that nothing else will matter. You will be in the driver seat, being able to go wherever and whenever you want.

This is what's behind everything, EVERYTHING that I do."


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